VAT Advisory Dubai, Tax Company Dubai

The Expert VAT team at Asad Abbas & Co has a span of industry knowledge and can offer precise VAT advice for business concerns seeking to optimize for the forthcoming changes. We make certain that you get the most excellent VAT Advisory obtainable.

The team of senior qualified tax consultants, finance specialists, and tax accountants will guarantee a well-timed and cost-efficient VAT services for SME’s. Besides, advisory and execution services, our teams are available for registration and also to carry out VAT compliance and in progress advisory, as your business develops and rules concerning VAT structure become more intricate.

VAT consulting services comprises of:

  • Compliance commitments of your business for both local as well as cross-border procedures. Our team will study necessities of the UAE VAT legislation and recommend the needed actions and processes so as to assure compliance.
  • Appraisal of financial threat for non-observance of VAT duties. We can advise on possible VAT coverage ensuing from your operations or deals.
  • The accomplishment of appropriate processes and actions so as to attain right and suitable VAT coverage.
  • Design and execute plan established on nature of procedures so as to set up an efficient VAT arrangement.
  • Assist to obtain VAT refunds.

VAT Advisory services comprise

  • Identifying and analyzing of the VAT effect on your business
  • Plan the VAT registration responsibilities and steps to apply for a VAT registration number.
  • Appraise and adjustment of contractual agreements with customers as well as suppliers so as to correctly map out all sorts of deals.
  • Study of IT arrangement and accounting prerequisites.
  • Make sure that business is prearranged in such a way as to keep away from avoidable cash loss or total VAT costs arising, mainly on intercompany deals.

We have also partnered with specialists from other domains like Legal, Technology and HR and VAT pros from other areas to offer other services.