Financial Expert in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE,  Corporate Finance Advisor Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

The Consultants in AA&Co. litigation, forensic, and valuation service group possesses the experience and credentials recognized by attorneys, business people, and esp. the courts to act as experts to help them make informed decisions. The group’s depth, extensive intellectual capital – base, state – of – the – art technology and use of international professionals are strategically utilized to create effective and efficient solutions to dispute resolution matters.

Business Liquidation Service

We provide the service to organization when seeking liquidation of their business.

Dispute resolution for financial matters in UAE Courts

We are registered Experts in U.A.E. Courts in all the stages of judiciary in the accounting, financial & banking fields. In this field we have served both as Experts appointed directly by the Courts or as Experts to support any legal case. But most important is the consulting expertise services, we have presented for clients who need this service most especially at times when their cases have not been handled properly and also help your Lawyers in the financial, accounting & banking fields of the Case or Negotiations. All our services are in English & Arabic Languages.

Special Investigations of Irregularities

We provide services of special investigations of financial irregularities in order to facilitate our client for their internal use and/or in the UAE Courts.


Our Services : –

Audits & Attestation
Financial Advisory & Consultancy
Outsourcing Accounts & Finance Department
Software Solutions & Implementation For Business
Company Formation And Liquidation Of UAE Companies
Financial Expert in UAE Courts
Escrow Trust Account & Owner’s Association & Developer’s Audit